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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Member of The Medical Chambers.

One of The Medical Chambers Leads or The Medical Chambers Manager will contact you within the next 3 working days to talk to you about your enquiry. We find that talking to someone gives you a better sense of what we offer and can answer any of your questions straight away.

In the meantime here are some FAQs which may help to answer some of your questions:

How do I become a Member?

Well, you've completed the first step by sending an enquiry to us. One of The Medical Chambers Leads or The Medical Chambers Manager will contact you within the next 3 working days to talk to you about your enquiry and to find out a bit more about you and answer any of your questions about how we work. After that, if you are still interested and it sounds like you are a fit for our team then we will arrange an interview with you. The interview is largely informal, however as we operate on our reputation it is important that our Members are a perfect match for our ethos and way of working. Following a successful interview, an offer will be made, two clinical references will be taken and then we can get you set up on the system and away you go! This process can take a minimum of 2-3 weeks.

Aren't you just an Agency?

Simply put, no! We are similar to an agency in that we find you work, however that is where the comparisons end. Working through The Medical Chambers, you remain a freelance GP and self-employed. This means you are still able to access the NHS Pension Scheme and also means you remain in control of your rates, where and when you work. We put our Members at the heart of what we do and you remain the priority.

So, how does The Medical Chambers operate?

We are funded solely by our Members and not by practices. To fund this wraparound service, you are invoiced for 10% of your Chambers earnings. New members start at 12.5% for the first 100 sessions then move onto 10%. We currently run at a fill rate for sessions of 95% (so for all the availability you add to your calendar we fill 95% of this). We are currently filling 500+ sessions per month and have over 60 GP members of varying experience, some part time salaried/partners, some semi-retired, some new off VTS. We can buddy a new member up with one of our experienced members if you wish, to ensure making the transition from salaried/partner to locum is as smooth as possible. All we ask in return is that you regularly attend the meetings and that you do not work as an independent locum as well as for The Medical Chambers concurrently.

What am I getting for my money?

Building local contacts and working as a locum can take time and patience but joining The Medical Chambers will mean you have a ready-to-go system providing sessions, support and professional development which simplifies your working life and prevents isolation. In summary, these are the main benefits of working through The Medical Chambers:

• Administrative Support: Log on to our booking software and make yourself available for the dates and sessions you want and our Admin Team will do the rest. We have worked hard to build a reputation and relationships with practices and services so you don't have to. We will market your availability and book your sessions, negotiate rates and tasks within the parameters you have set. As well as troubleshoot any issues, invoice practices and complete your pension forms.

• Clinical Governance & CPD: Chamber's Meetings are the foundation of our success and are at the heart of what we offer Members. Through our regular meetings you will be able to discuss patient cases, significant events and complaints, sharing your learning in a safe and supportive environment. We are able to assist you with audits and peer and practice feedback for your appraisal and revalidation. We market our members as up-to-date, engaged in CPD and peer reviewed, therefore we ask that Members attend a minimum of 6 meetings a year.

• Pastoral Support: Working in General Practice can often be like a battlefield with record numbers of Clinicians deciding to leave the profession due to burnout. We offer a home for Clinicians who long to continue doing what they are good at: using their knowledge and skills to serve their patients. Joining The Medical Chambers isn't just about getting steady work and someone doing your admin; it is about joining a team of fantastic clinicians who support one another and lift each other up.

What are you looking for in a new Member?

We want fantastic clinicians who share our ethos of wanting to provide excellent care and be a part of and contribute to our team of locum GPs by regularly attending clinical meetings. We operate as a virtual practice and support one another, so being a team player is key. We also expect our members to be punctual and reliable to maintain our collective reputation. Finally, we expect a certain amount of flexibility, however you are in control of where and when you work.

Aren't you just an Agency?

We hope this gives you an insight to how we work and answers some of your burning questions. Someone will be in touch within the next 3 working days to talk to you some more.

We look forward to speaking to you soon.

The Medical Chambers.

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Formerly known as Yorkshire Medical Chambers, The Medical Chambers has been rebranded to better reflect the areas in which we work and our desire to support freelance General Practitioners and primary care services. The Medical Chambers exists to support freelance medical professionals in delivering the highest quality care to primary care services and ultimately their patients.

...helped me balance
work and my family life

Joining The Medical Chambers has given me the freedom to enjoy flexible working at a time in my life and career when I could have easily dropped out. It's provided the best peer support I have ever experienced in thirty years as a GP. I'm now re-engaged and enthusiastic, taking on new roles and still in the workforce with, I hope, a lot to offer. TMC Member (Female GP, in her fifties)

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